About Us

Our Pastor Staff and Directors have big hearts and care deeply about our community!

We are a people that pray for the needs we each have on a daily basis!

We make our phone numbers known so you can reach out and communicate with us directly.

For questions about our Church and our Spiritual beliefs, you can continue to read on the About Us page for details or give Lead Pastor Gary Haddix a call at 404.808.3010

For Administrative Office (970.330.7949), Adult Ministries Director, contact Pastor Tammie Haddix at 970.481.6215

Senior Adult Ministries Director, contact Pastor Marylin Morris at 970.302.3149

Children’s and Teen Ministries, call Director Dawn Wehrer at 970.391.0306

Online/Sound Tech/Video Director, call Bryce Wehrer at 970.214.8483

For Media & All other questions, call Pastor Tammie Haddix 970.481.6215 or 970.330.7949

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