Sermon Series

Sermon Series

Every Sunday Morning 10:30 AM….All Ages Welcome

NEW Sermon Series: Living Life According to Jesus

Children & Youth Services with Director Dawn Wehrer always has a great time planned for the younger generations.

In Person @ 5586 W. 19th Street, Greeley

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Learning to Live According to Jesus


Sermon Series: "A STORM IS COMING" ~ Jan. 9th-Mar. 27th, 2022
  • JAN. 2ND – INTRO “As it Was in the Days of Noah.” Luke 17:26-27
  • JAN. 9TH – “NOAH’S PURPOSE” Genesis Chapter 6
  • JAN. 16TH – “ANOTHER STORM IS COMING” Genesis Chapter 7
  • JAN. 23RD – “THE RAINBOW PROMISE” Genesis Chapter 8 & 9
  • JAN. 30TH – “THE ORIGIN OF A WEEK” Genesis Chapter 1 & 2
  • FEB. 6TH – “TOWER BUILDERS” Genesis Chapter 11
  • FEB. 13TH – “AS IT WAS ALSO IN THE DAYS OF LOT” Genesis Chapter 19
  • FEB. 20TH – “FIERY DESTRUCTION” Genesis Chapter 19 (cont.)
  • MAR. 6TH – “WHERE DID SIN COME FROM” Ez. Chapter 28
  • MAR. 13TH – “THE GREAT DOOM” Rev. Chapters 19 & 22
  • MAR 20TH – “THE GREAT DELIVERANCE” Rev. Chapters 19 & 22 (cont.)
  • MAR 27TH – “PERFECDT HARMONY” Rev. Chapters 20 & 21

Holy Week Will Take Place this Year 2022…..

Holy Week is the week before Easter.  We will meet daily for a fast lunch and a very quick devotional about Christ’s journey…..

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Excising your Spiritual Being is Important too!
Joining other for refreshing times together works wonders for a weary soul.
Growing in your knowledge of what is really the Big Deal @ God.
Are you a Diamon in the Rough?           I am!!

Bring it HOME by Opening Up to the idea of God and His deep desire to have a relationship with YOU!!

Piecing it together Spiritually