Starting Jan. 9th, 22 Pastor Gary will share a new Series

A Storm Is Coming…

Jan. 2nd…intro only

Jan. 9th – March 27th will share about our past, our now, and our future through Genessis & Revelations

Holy Week Will Take Place this Year 2022…..

Holy Week is the week before Easter.  We will meet daily for a fast lunch and a very quick devotional about Christ’s journey…..

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Excising your Spiritual Being is Important too!
Joining other for refreshing times together works wonders for a weary soul.
Growing in your knowledge of what is really the Big Deal @ God.
Are you a Diamon in the Rough?           I am!!

Bring it HOME by Opening Up to the idea of God and His deep desire to have a relationship with YOU!!

Piecing it together Spiritually