We are excited to spend time sharing God’s gift to us all as we see the FREEDOM that Easter brings us individually.

Current Message Series Jan 9th – Feb 27th


New Series “A Storm Is Coming” starts on Jan. 9th and runs through Feb 27th.   

The Titles of each Message is as follows:

1/9/22 “A Storm Is Coming – Noah’s Purpose” Genesis  Chapter 6 Pastor Gary Speaking

1/16/22 “A Storm Is Coming – Another Storm Is Coming” Genesis Chapter 7 Pastor Tammie Speaking

1/23/22 “A Storm Is Coming – The Rainbow Promise” Genesis Chapter 8 & 9 Pastor Gary Speaking

1/30/22 “A Storm Is Coming – The Origin of a Week” Genesis Chapter 1 & 2 Pastor Gary Speaking

2/6/22 “A Storm Is Coming – Tower Builders” Genesis Chapter 11 Pastor Gary Speaking

2/13/22 “A Storm Is Coming – As it Was Also in the Days of Lot” Genesis Chapter 19 Pastor Gary Speaking

2/20/22 “A Storm Is Coming – Fiery Destruction” Genesis Chapter 19 Cont. Pastor Gary Speaking

2/27/22 “A Storm Is Coming – The Storm that Is Coming” Matthew 24 Pastor Gary Speaking