Every Sunday 10:30 AM

Morning Worship Service


We gather at the church early to visit with each other and to enjoy refreshments, coffee, with kid friendly refreshments as well.

Our Worship Service starts at 10:30 AM with everyone gathering in the Sanctuary.  The Children & Youth are apart of the service with the adults until the Worship Music is completed.  At that time, the Children & Youth Director, Dawn Wehrer, gathers down stairs to spend time together and to share in the Word of God on each child’s best learning level. Their time together includes music, crafts, a lesson of the week and much more.  The teens enjoy the same message in their best learning realm as well.

We have 3 nurseries for infant to Toddlers.  One is located in the Sanctuary allowing mom’s who need to be close to their little once for nursing or just because.  One nursery for 1-2 years of age with age appropriate care, One nursery for 2-3 years of age as well.  Judy or Russ who sit at the back of the Sanctuary can help direct you.

By Request:

Every Sunday 9:30 AM

Senior Bible Study

Led by Russel Ross

Senior Adults  (Contact Church Office for info…970.330.7949 if you are interested!)


Every Wednesday, 7:00 PM

On-line Senior Bible Study via Zoom        Led by Pastor Marylin Mores and Russel Ross

This time is spent going over the Pastor’s Sunday Morning Message with a chance to ask questions, share your insights and learn more about the passages.



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